Don Peterson & Associates provides a full range of Auction services to clients.  Whether it’s real estate, farm, commercial, residential or personal property, we’re here to help you!

marlinMarlin Brabec

Relatively early in Marlin’s real estate career with Don Peterson & Associates, he recognized the need to provide an auctioneering service to our clients and community.  In 1989, he completed his auctioneering training through Nebraska Auction School in Lincoln, NE.

He enjoys the chance to auction real estate and knows that providing personal property auctions is also very valuable to clients.  He works hard to make the sale run as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Marlin enjoys the chance to meet people along the way and he values the camaraderie with the auction crew and the bidders on sale day.



kevin2-2Kevin Prinz

Kevin graduated from the Continental School of Auctioneering in Mankato, MN and started auctioneering in 1999.  It became part of his real estate career when he saw the benefits it could provide to the area citizens and his clients.

Though he is an integral part of Don Peterson & Associates’ real estate and personal property auctions, Kevin also enjoys doing benefit auctions.  He’s proud that we can provide that service to those in need and for community projects.

What is Kevin’s favorite part of auctioneering?  He likes working with people!  He does a great job of interacting with the crew and bidders making sale day enjoyable!



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